Hotel Sapthapadhi

Sapthapdhi is the culmination of years of passion for the culinary art of Sri Lanka facilitated by the Hospitality Division of ATR Holdings, with the aim of providing luxury comfort away from the big cities. Located close to many of the most famous natural excursion sites of Sri Lanka, it makes for the perfect getaway, a ‘‘home away from home’’ where you don’t have to give up the luxury of being in a hotel, or the comfort of being in your own home. The outdoor swimming pool is perfect to relax after having spent the day hand in hand with nature.

We ensure high levels of privacy, comfort and service in the welcoming tradition of Sri Lanka.


Tour Distance  : 69.09 km
Tour Time        : 1h 6 mins

For the more adventurous, sports fanatics. Kitulgala is famous for its White Water rafting and their succulent rice and curry lunches. Just an hour away, place would be ideal for a chilled spend the day.

Historical Bathatota Cave

Tour Distance  : 2.09 km
Tour Time        : 3 mins

A cave said to be visited by Lord Buddha when he came to Sri Lanka. Now declared a sacred region as he supposedly had his meals and rested here.

Sri Pada - Adam’s peak - Sivanolipatha Malai

Tour Distance  : 10 km
Tour Time        : 12 mins

With 3 names and a symbol in all 4 main Sri Lankan religions, its known for the ‘‘sacred footprint’’ of Lord Buddha in Buddhism, that of Shiva in Hindu traditions, and that of Adam or St. Thomas in Muslim and Christian traditions. (It used to be only accessible through Nuwara Eliya, the highlands in Srilanka) standing 2,243 metres tall, you could touch the sun on it’s way up.

Bopath Ella

Tour Distance  : 9.05 km
Tour Time        : 11 mins

It gets its name because of the shape it forms, that of the ‘‘bo’’ (sacred fig) leaf. One of the most studied waterfalls in Sri Lanka, is also the most visited due to its close location. Visit it for a few chills, the local myths say it’s haunted, and if you’re in for a little treasure hunt, supposedly there is a hidden treasure trove.

Sinharaja Rain Forest

Tour Distance  : 61.05 km
Tour Time        : 1 hour

One of the most important national parks in Sri Lanka, also has the designation of a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage site by UNESCO. The hilly virgin rainforest is home to many rare species.

Udawalawe National Park

Tour Distance  : 39.3 km
Tour Time        : 1h 38 mins

To be in two places at once, on the boundary of the sabaragamuwa and uva provinces (sri lanka’s wet and dry zones), lies the home created for the animals who’ve lost their way after the construction of the Udawalawe Reservoir. A habitat created for many water birds and srilankan elephants, it’s an important national park in Sri Lanka.

Maha Saman Devalaya

Tour Distance  : 8.6 km
Tour Time        : 10 mins

Surrounded by lofty mountains, this is the place of worship to the god Saman, the guardian of the city of Rathnapura. People go here to find the simple treasure of serenity and peaceful prayer. The Portuguese are said to have destroyed the shrine upon their capturing the city, to build their own church. However this was rebuilt by the Kandyan Kingdom ones they defeated the Portuguese, the church was destroyed and the shrine restored. There is also a new museum opening here in the new future, which will host a number of old relics, giving you a clear picture of history.

The Ratnapura National Museum

Tour Distance  : 8.6 km
Tour Time        : 10 mins

The museum has a vast selection of prehistoric objects and vertebrate fossils of elephants and rhinoceros, all collected from gem sites and caves in the district. There is also a small collection of jewelry, textiles, carvings, archaeological objects, semi precious gem stones and zoo-logical specimens.